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Closed by commit rG3766992291fd: [libc++] Add Implemented Papers section (authored by philnik).

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Index: libcxx/docs/ReleaseNotes.rst
--- libcxx/docs/ReleaseNotes.rst
+++ libcxx/docs/ReleaseNotes.rst
@@ -35,16 +35,14 @@
 What's New in Libc++ 15.0.0?
-New Features
-- Implemented P0627R6 (Function to mark unreachable code)
-- Implemented P1165R1 (Make stateful allocator propagation more consistent for ``operator+(basic_string)``)
+Implemented Papers
-- Implemented P0674R1 (Support arrays in ``make_shared`` and ``allocate_shared``)
-- Implemented P0980R1 (Making ``std::string`` constexpr)
+- P0627R6 (Function to mark unreachable code)
+- P1165R1 (Make stateful allocator propagation more consistent for ``operator+(basic_string)``)
+- P0674R1 (Support arrays in ``make_shared`` and ``allocate_shared``)
+- P0980R1 (Making ``std::string`` constexpr)
+- P2216R3 (std::format improvements)
 - Marked the following papers as "Complete" (note that some of those might have
   been implemented in a previous release but not marked as such):
@@ -59,6 +57,9 @@
     - P1970R2 (Consistency for ``size()`` functions: Add ``ranges::ssize``);
     - P1983R0 (Wording for GB301, US296, US292, US291, and US283).
+New Features
 - `pop_heap` now uses an algorithm known as "bottom-up heapsort" or
   "heapsort with bounce" to reduce the number of comparisons, and rearranges
   elements using move-assignment instead of `swap`.
@@ -73,8 +74,7 @@
   moved from the dylib to the header. This means the function no longer has a
   minimum deployment target.
-- Implemented P2216R3 (std::format improvements). The format functions
-  (``std::format``, ``std::format_to``, ``std::format_to_n``, and
+- The format functions (``std::format``, ``std::format_to``, ``std::format_to_n``, and
   ``std::formatted_size``) now validate the format string at compile time.
   When the format string is invalid this will make the code ill-formed instead
   of throwing an exception at run-time.  (This does not affect the ``v``

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