[libcxx-commits] [PATCH] D124555: [libcxx] basic_ios<wchar_t> cannot store fill character WCHAR_MAX

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cebowleratibm retitled this revision from "[libcxx][AIX][z/OS] basic_ios<wchar_t> cannot store fill character WCHAR_MAX" to "[libcxx] basic_ios<wchar_t> cannot store fill character WCHAR_MAX".
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The new approach injects the new `__fill_set_` only for wchar_t and only if WEOF is in the range `[WCHAR_MIN, WCHAR_MAX]`.  I didn't use numeric_limits because the solution needs to work in C++03.

On AIX I need to force the injection of the member to retain compatibility, even when it's not actually needed.

I disabled the ABI break on _WIN32 targets, and I suspect I need to further customize the compatibility opt out.  The default behaviour for new targets is to adopt the fix for wchar_t if wchar_t is impacted.  I can't fix this for other char types without constexpr numeric limits and char_traits and we need to keep the layout compatible between C++03 and C++11.

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