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In D98207#2629795 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D98207#2629795>, @muiez wrote:

> [...]
> Thanks for the notice. After looking through the LLVM developer policy, there is the following statement:
>> The scope of relicensing is all code that is considered part of the LLVM project, including the main LLVM repository, runtime libraries (compiler_rt, OpenMP, etc), Polly, and all other subprojects. There are a few exceptions:
>> - Code imported from other projects (e.g. Google Test, Autoconf, etc) will remain as it is. This code isn’t developed as part of the LLVM project, it is used by LLVM.
> The copyright in this patch (and in solaris) mentions that the code is from the FreeBSD libc project. Maybe this falls into the bullet above? If not, are there any suggestions/alternatives to move forward?

Indeed, but I read that as talking about third-party projects that we check-in directly into the LLVM monorepo but we don't ever modify (for example Google Benchmark). This is not the same thing here, as arguably `libcxx/src/support/ibm/wcsnrtombs.inc` is now considered a libc++ file after this patch and we'd modify it if there was a bug in it, for example.

I am not a lawyer, I'm just trying to make sure we're following the LLVM contribution policy. I know @chandlerc has done a lot of work related to licensing, so perhaps he can provide more information here.

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