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In D94909#2504969 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D94909#2504969>, @ldionne wrote:

> Thanks for your contribution. However, it would be useful to have more information before going forward. The goal is to avoid adding random bits of complexity to the library for a system that isn't officially supported and maintained.
> - What is VEOS?
> - Is this part of an effort to port libc++ to that OS?
> - What parts of the library are working on the OS and what parts are not working? Do you plan to subset the library using knobs like `LIBCXX_ENABLE_LOCALIZATION=OFF`?
> - Are you able to provide CI for that OS?
> Generally speaking, more information about what prompts this patch is welcome.

Thank you for comments and sorry for missing information.  VE is a NEC SX Aurora vector engine.  We ported llvm/clang/libraries to VE.  We are upstreaming this port following the RFC, https://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/llvm-dev/2019-April/131580.html.  VE is implemented as an accelerator.  Ported llvm runs on x86 and generates binary programs for VE as a cross-compiler.  At the moment, VE is an experimental target.  We've upstreamed llvm/clang.  Now we are upstreaming libraries like builtin/libunwind/libcxx in order to run llvm-test-suite.  After that, we will try to make this VE as an official target in llvm with test-suite results.

- The VEOS is an OS running on this accelerator.  The VEOS is a linux subset, but almost all features are implemented.
- This is part of an effort to port not only libc++ but also clang/llvm.  VE has it's own proprietary c++ compiler and c++ library.  We ports llvm/clang/libc++ to provide not a proprietary compiler and libraries for VE.
- As far as I know, whole part of libc++ is working on VEOS well through libc++ test suite.  Localization is working fine also.
- Yes, we will provide CI to make VE as an official target of llvm.

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