[libcxx-commits] [PATCH] D96121: [libcxx] Use builtin in isinf/isnormal/fpclassify/isfinite

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Fri Feb 5 04:49:28 PST 2021

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In bootstrap testing on Power9 target with libcxx enabled, build would fail because glibc uses `__builtin_types_compatible_p` in definition of these macros but the builtin is not available in C++ mode. And glibc assumes:

  /* Since __builtin_isinf_sign is broken for float128 before GCC 7.0,
     use the helper function, __isinff128, with older compilers.  This is
     only provided for C mode, because in C++ mode, GCC has no support
     for __builtin_types_compatible_p (and when in C++ mode, this macro is
     not used anyway, because libstdc++ headers undefine it).  */

So we need another way to do the implementation, just like rG767eadd78 <https://reviews.llvm.org/rG767eadd782291026b9b87be871de6bcd347c7d14>.

  rG LLVM Github Monorepo



Index: libcxx/include/math.h
--- libcxx/include/math.h
+++ libcxx/include/math.h
@@ -380,7 +380,12 @@
 __libcpp_fpclassify(_A1 __lcpp_x) _NOEXCEPT
+#if __has_builtin(__builtin_fpclassify)
+    return __builtin_fpclassify(FP_NAN, FP_INFINITE, FP_NORMAL, FP_SUBNORMAL,
+                                FP_ZERO, __lcpp_x);
     return fpclassify(__lcpp_x);
 #undef fpclassify
@@ -426,7 +431,11 @@
 __libcpp_isfinite(_A1 __lcpp_x) _NOEXCEPT
+#if __has_builtin(__builtin_isfinite)
+    return __builtin_isfinite(__lcpp_x);
     return isfinite(__lcpp_x);
 #undef isfinite
@@ -460,7 +469,11 @@
 __libcpp_isinf(_A1 __lcpp_x) _NOEXCEPT
+#if __has_builtin(__builtin_isinf)
+    return __builtin_isinf(__lcpp_x);
     return isinf(__lcpp_x);
 #undef isinf
@@ -556,7 +569,11 @@
 __libcpp_isnormal(_A1 __lcpp_x) _NOEXCEPT
+#if __has_builtin(__builtin_isnormal)
+    return __builtin_isnormal(__lcpp_x);
     return isnormal(__lcpp_x);
 #undef isnormal

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