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Adds documentation around libc++'s policy to add noexcept to things that cannot throw but aren't marked as noexcept.

Refs LWG 3518 and D95251 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D95251>.

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Index: libcxx/docs/UsingLibcxx.rst
--- libcxx/docs/UsingLibcxx.rst
+++ libcxx/docs/UsingLibcxx.rst
@@ -346,3 +346,19 @@
 * ``unique``
 * ``upper_bound``
 * ``lock_guard``'s constructors
+.. _noexcept extension:
+Extended applications of ``noexcept``
+As of version 14 libc++ will mark functions that do not throw (i.e.,
+"Throws: nothing" as ``noexcept``). This means that functions will not
+report precondition violations by throwing and user-provided functions,
+such as custom predicates or custom traits, which throw will not be
+propagated up to the caller (unless specified otherwise by the standard).
+Before version 14, libc++ did not specify whether a function that did not
+throw would be marked as ``noexcept``, so users should not rely on any
+non-throwing functions to be marked ``noexcept`` (unless the standard
+specifies it).
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