[libcxx-commits] [PATCH] D93233: [libc++] Replaces std::sort by Bitset sorting algorithm.

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Tue Dec 22 01:10:56 PST 2020

Morwenn added a comment.

In D93233#2466828 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D93233#2466828>, @minjaehwang wrote:

> The bitset trick can be applied to Pdqsort's partition function just like this code does for the existing std::sort's partition function. I have implemented Bitset trick on top of pdqsort as well but chose the current implementation over pdqsort-based Bitset sort. The current implementation introduces the minimal change to std::sort. It replaces the partition function but keeps most of the outer layer of std::sort.
> The reason for keeping the outer layer of std::sort is that it will keep most of performance characteristics unchanged and adds a little overhead when there is a branch in the comparison function.

That's surely a fair concern.

> @Morwenn mentioned the O(n ^ 2) case for quicksort which also happens for the existing std::sort. As you might know, a simple change can avoid O(n ^ 2). Introsort avoids O(n ^ 2) by calling heap sort when a quicksort depth goes above O(lg n). There has been efforts to introduce introsort into libc++ (Kumar's introsort <http://llvm.org/devmtg/2017-10/slides/Kumar-libc++-performance.pdf>). For unknown reason to me, it has not been submitted. Pdqsort avoids O(n ^ 2) by calling heap sort when partitions are highly unbalanced.

Yeah, I'm still rather surprised that the libc++ implementation of std::sort isn't some flavour of introsort yet. It's not excessively hard to implement, and it would make the algorithm standard-compliant. I know that a few years ago they wanted proper sorting benchmarks before giving the "go" to a new sort implementation, but it seems like something that could have been fixed regardless.

> I understand that Pdqsort is faster in many known patterns over std::sort. If we are not afraid of changing the entire sort implementation, I can certainly bring Bitset-on-pdqsort as another code review. @Morwenn and @ldionne, could you give your thoughts on the future direction?
> @Morwenn Bitset sort is faster for std::strings than pdqsort which turns off Block sort technique for non-arithmetic types. See the following comparison. Block sort technique can be faster even with comparison functions with branches.

Oh, I thought that deactivating the branchless partitioning algorithm was done because it introduced regressions for non-arithmetic types. I guess I blindly believed that it had been compared against std::string of all things to make this decision, but never ran benchmarks to back that claim. That's new info to me.

As for the future direction I do believe that pdqsort has some interesting ideas that would be nice to have, but I'm not part of the libc++ project in the first place, so it's not really my call to make. I'm glad to see that things are moving in this area nonetheless, and bitset_sort would be a step in the right direction compared to the status quo anyway :)

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