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All `_URC_HANDLER_FOUND` return values need to set `landingPad` and
`adjustedPtr`, and their values do not matter for `_URC_CONTINUE_UNWIND`. So we
can always set the two values to unify code.


The so-called type 3 search (`actions & _UA_CLEANUP_PHASE && !(actions & _UA_HANDLER_FRAME)`)
is actually conceptually wrong.  For a catch handler or an unmatched dynamic
exception specification, `_UA_HANDLER_FOUND` should be returned immediately.  It
still appeared to work because the `ttypeIndex==0` case would return
`_UA_HANDLER_FOUND` at a later time.

This patch fixes the conceptual error and simplifies the code by handling type 3
the same way as type 2 (which is also what libsupc++ does).
The only difference between phase 1 and phase 2 is what to do with a cleanup
(`actionEntry==0`, or a `ttypeIndex==0` is found in the action record chain):
phase 1 returns `_URC_CONTINUE_UNWIND` while phase 2 returns `_URC_HANDLER_FOUND`.

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