[libcxx-commits] [PATCH] D91135: [3/N] [libcxx] Make filesystem::path::value_type wchar_t on windows

Marek Kurdej via Phabricator via libcxx-commits libcxx-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Dec 9 13:58:08 PST 2020

curdeius accepted this revision.
curdeius added a comment.


Comment at: libcxx/include/filesystem:1131
+  generic_string(const _Allocator& __a = _Allocator()) const {
+    return string<_ECharT, _Traits, _Allocator>(__a);
+  }
mstorsjo wrote:
> curdeius wrote:
> > Shouldn't there be a difference between string and generic_string, the former returning native format (with backslash on Windows?) and the latter always path with forward slashes?
> Yes, there's a difference; that aspect is corrected later in patch [24/N] in D91181. (I understand that it'd be cleaner to review if all changed code lands in the right form directly the first time it's touched - but that'd make the first patches even more unwieldy - so here I try to primarily focus on getting the wchar_t aspect right.)
> And in general, string() and native() returns the string with whatever separator form the string originally contained, it can be any combination of forward and backslashes, while generic_string() indeed returns a version with forward slashes only.
Ok. And thank you for the explanation.

Comment at: libcxx/include/filesystem:1139
+#else /* !_WIN32 */
mstorsjo wrote:
> curdeius wrote:
> > The comment doesn't match the #if.
> Right, I guess I should make it `_LIBCPP_WIN32API` instead, and the `!` is confusing. I meant it in the form `#else /* condition *` as it could be `#elseif condition` i.e. describing the condition for the code following the `#else`, not the condition for the block above, but I guess that's not common practice. I'll change it to just plain `#else /* _LIBCPP_WIN32API */`.
Yeah that's not very clear sometimes how it should be read.
Personally I love the MS STL style with "^^^^ if-condition vvvvv negated condition".

Comment at: libcxx/src/filesystem/operations.cpp:176
     case PS_InRootDir:
-      return "/";
+      if (RawEntry[0] == '\\')
+        return PS("\\");
mstorsjo wrote:
> curdeius wrote:
> > Why does it depend on RawEntry and not on OS only?
> Because when iterating over the path name, we want to return the root dir with the slash in the same form as in the actual path itself.



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