[libcxx-commits] [PATCH] D91175: [19/N] [libcxx] Implement temp_directory_path using GetTempPath on windows

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Tue Dec 8 01:37:19 PST 2020

mstorsjo updated this revision to Diff 310107.
mstorsjo retitled this revision from "[19/N] [libcxx] Fix the fallback case in temp_directory_path for windows" to "[19/N] [libcxx] Implement temp_directory_path using GetTempPath on windows".
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Using GetTempPathW instead of the manual code checking environment variables.




Index: libcxx/src/filesystem/operations.cpp
--- libcxx/src/filesystem/operations.cpp
+++ libcxx/src/filesystem/operations.cpp
@@ -1694,6 +1694,19 @@
 path __temp_directory_path(error_code* ec) {
   ErrorHandler<path> err("temp_directory_path", ec);
+#if defined(_LIBCPP_WIN32API)
+  wchar_t buf[MAX_PATH];
+  DWORD retval = GetTempPathW(MAX_PATH, buf);
+  if (!retval)
+    return err.report(detail::make_windows_error(GetLastError()));
+  if (retval > MAX_PATH)
+    return err.report(errc::filename_too_long);
+  // GetTempPathW returns a path with a trailing slash, which we
+  // shouldn't include for consistency.
+  if (buf[retval-1] == L'\\')
+    buf[retval-1] = L'\0';
+  path p(buf);
   const char* env_paths[] = {"TMPDIR", "TMP", "TEMP", "TEMPDIR"};
   const char* ret = nullptr;
@@ -1704,6 +1717,7 @@
     ret = "/tmp";
   path p(ret);
   error_code m_ec;
   file_status st = detail::posix_stat(p, &m_ec);
   if (!status_known(st))

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