[libcxx-commits] [PATCH] D91139: [7/N] [libcxx] Don't use __int128 for msvc targets

Martin Storsjö via Phabricator via libcxx-commits libcxx-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Dec 3 08:29:41 PST 2020

mstorsjo added a comment.

In D91139#2431269 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D91139#2431269>, @ldionne wrote:

> In D91139#2429595 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D91139#2429595>, @rnk wrote:
>> After having dealt with an increasing number of user complaints about lack of i128 support, I am of the opinion that we should start shipping, auto-linking, and requiring clang_rt.builtins in clang-cl.
>> However, it's a bit of a project to make this work out of the box, since clang's runtime libraries are not on the linker search path. We'd need to update our msbuild integration bits and some documentation. But it's time to do that work already.
> So, if I understand correctly, you're suggesting that the `int128` builtins should be provided on Windows, and this workaround shouldn't be necessary once that's done? In that case, unless @mstorsjo  disagrees, I think we're better holding off with this patch.

Yes, I'm fine holding off this patch for now - it's not needed for the rest of the series on mingw targets (that do use either libgcc or compiler-rt builtins) anyway.

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