[libcxx-commits] [PATCH] D65721: Make rotate a constexpr

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Mon Aug 12 09:52:54 PDT 2019

zoecarver added a comment.

In D65721#1617250 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D65721#1617250>, @mclow.lists wrote:

> `rotate` and a bunch of other algorithms were made constexpr in P0202 <https://wg21.link/P0202>, adopted in ABQ.
> We've done some of them already; we should do the rest.

That paper says:

> Note for editor: All the functions in [algorithms.general] must be marked with constexpr, except functions shuffle, sample, stable_sort, stable_partition, inplace_merge, functions accepting ExecutionPolicy and algorithms that have ValueSwappable requirement(

`std::rotate` is not one of the updated functions in that paper. It is updated in the standard, though. <http://eel.is/c++draft/alg.rotate>

We have only done a very few of them. I am starting to make my way through the list. There are several papers which update various algorithms IIRC.

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