[libcxx] r347421 - [libcxx] Mark strstreams tests as being supported on all OS X versions

Louis Dionne ldionne at apple.com
Wed Nov 21 12:47:01 PST 2018

Author: ldionne
Date: Wed Nov 21 12:47:00 2018
New Revision: 347421

URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=347421&view=rev
[libcxx] Mark strstreams tests as being supported on all OS X versions

I wasn't able to reproduce the issue referred to by the comment using
the libc++'s shipped with mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8, so I assume this may
have been fixed in a function that is now shipped in the headers. In
that case, the tests will pass no matter what dylib we're using.

In the worst case, some test bots will start failing and I'll understand
why I was wrong, and I can create an actual lit feature for it. Note
that I could just leave this test alone, but this change is on the path
towards eradicating vendor-specific availability markup from the test


Modified: libcxx/trunk/test/std/depr/depr.str.strstreams/depr.strstreambuf/depr.strstreambuf.members/overflow.pass.cpp
URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/libcxx/trunk/test/std/depr/depr.str.strstreams/depr.strstreambuf/depr.strstreambuf.members/overflow.pass.cpp?rev=347421&r1=347420&r2=347421&view=diff
--- libcxx/trunk/test/std/depr/depr.str.strstreams/depr.strstreambuf/depr.strstreambuf.members/overflow.pass.cpp (original)
+++ libcxx/trunk/test/std/depr/depr.str.strstreams/depr.strstreambuf/depr.strstreambuf.members/overflow.pass.cpp Wed Nov 21 12:47:00 2018
@@ -9,10 +9,6 @@
 // <strstream>
-// There was an overflow in the dylib on older macOS versions
-// UNSUPPORTED: availability=macosx10.8
-// UNSUPPORTED: availability=macosx10.7
 // class strstreambuf
 // int overflow(int c);

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