[Libclc-dev] [PATCH 3/4] spirv: disable fp64 subnormals on SPIR-V

Arsenault, Matthew via Libclc-dev libclc-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Oct 11 11:10:03 PDT 2019

This should be unconditionally true. I don't know why this function even exists; they're not optional. It's also allowed to interpret the cl-fp-denorms-are-zero as only impacting f32.


´╗┐On 10/11/19, 11:02, "Libclc-dev on behalf of Dave Airlie via Libclc-dev" <libclc-dev-bounces at lists.llvm.org on behalf of libclc-dev at lists.llvm.org> wrote:

    We need to investigate how this is going to work in a SPIR-V world
     libclc/generic/lib/subnormal_config.cl | 4 ++++
     1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)
    diff --git a/libclc/generic/lib/subnormal_config.cl b/libclc/generic/lib/subnormal_config.cl
    index 4bcecfd82e1..2a754db8317 100644
    --- a/libclc/generic/lib/subnormal_config.cl
    +++ b/libclc/generic/lib/subnormal_config.cl
    @@ -33,5 +33,9 @@ _CLC_DEF bool __clc_fp32_subnormals_supported() {
     _CLC_DEF bool __clc_fp64_subnormals_supported() {
    +#ifdef CLC_SPIRV //TODO workout how to support this in SPIR-V land
    +  return false;
       return !__clc_subnormals_disabled();
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