[Libclc-dev] Implement tgamma and some of its dependencies

Pavel Ondra─Źka via Libclc-dev libclc-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Sep 13 09:19:40 PDT 2016

2016-09-12 4:53 GMT+02:00 Aaron Watry via Libclc-dev
<libclc-dev at lists.llvm.org>:
> This series started from my attempt to implement tgamma so that I can use
> it eventually for hcc. The amd-builtin implementation of tgamma uses lgamma,
> which itself uses lgamma_r. So, in the end, all 3 of these functions have
> been ported/implemented.
> Note: I'm fairly positive that _CLC_V_V_VP_VECTORIZE was previously unused.
>       I don't know that it has ever been used, and I'm fairly confident
>       about the address space addition. If anyone has concerns, please let
>       me know.
I created and used the _CLC_V_V_VP_VECTORIZE in first iteration of
series to implement modf builtin based on the AMD builtin library.
However in the second try I used much simpler approach based on the
reference implementation that no longer used the macro. So I guess it
was probably pushed by accident. Feel free to fix it/use it anyway you

And yeah, I'm quite sure that the address space part was broken...


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