[Libclc-dev] [PATCH 0/2] modf math builtin

Pavel Ondračka via Libclc-dev libclc-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jan 18 01:36:24 PST 2016

Attached is the implementation of modf math builtin copied from AMD
builtin library.

This is my first patch ever so please be patient with review. My main
motivation was to get einstein at home binary pulsar search app working.
With this patch series the kernels build succesfully however the result
are wrong, there are probably some other problems (or I messed up).

I've done some casual testing and at least the float part seems to be 
working properly, the fp64 part is totally untested.

Will piglit tests be needed to get this accepted? I had a look at the
gen_cl_math_builtins.py piglit script, however it seems I would have to
modify the framework to be able to test functions that have two outputs.
Sadly my python skills are rudimentary.

Pavel Ondračka (2):
  Implement modf builtin

 generic/include/clc/clc.h         |  1 +
 generic/include/clc/math/modf.h   | 24 ++++++++++
 generic/include/clc/math/modf.inc | 25 +++++++++++
 generic/lib/SOURCES               |  1 +
 generic/lib/clcmacro.h            | 22 ++++++++++
 generic/lib/math/modf.cl          | 92 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 6 files changed, 165 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 generic/include/clc/math/modf.h
 create mode 100644 generic/include/clc/math/modf.inc
 create mode 100644 generic/lib/math/modf.cl


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