[Libclc-dev] AMD OpenCL builtin code released

Tom Stellard thomas.stellard at amd.com
Tue Oct 7 10:55:02 PDT 2014


AMD has released its OpenCL builtin library as Open Source, and I have 
pushed the code up to a branch of libclc called amd-builtins.  You can 
see the code here:

This code contains the builtin implementation only, without any 
infrastructure for buiding the code.  The goal with releasing this
code is to port it to libclc, so that it can be used by projects that 
are already using libclc.

There is a README in this directory with some instructions for porting 
which I will reproduce here:


If you would like to port a function, review the libclc-dev at pcc.me.uk 
archives to make sure no one is already working on it. If no one else 
has started this port, then send an email to libclc-dev at pcc.me.uk with 
the subject:

Porting: builtin_name
This way we don't have multiple people trying to port the same functions.


If you have any ideas for better ways to synchronize development,
let me know and we can update the README.  In addition, I think we 
should try to clc'ize the code by make use of existing libclc macros 
like _CLC_DEF and _CLC_OVERLOAD, but I wouldn't bother with trying to
make any changes to the coding style.

Here is an example of a function I ported in the past, which I think is
a pretty good template: 

If you have any questions, let me know.


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