[Libclc-dev] fast_length and fast_normalize

Jeroen Ketema j.ketema at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Mar 12 03:21:54 PDT 2014

> For a generic implementation, you may be able to do something with the
> llvm.sqrt.* and the llvm.convert.to.fp16 / llvm.convert.from.fp16
> intrinsics.

The only way I can see doing something with these intrinsics in the following

%2 = call f32 @llvm.convert.to.fp16(f32 %1)
%3 = call f32 @llvm.convert.from.fp16(i16 %2)
%4 = call f32 @llvm.sqrt.f32(f32 %3)
%5 = call f32 @llvm.convert.to.fp16(f32 %4)
%6 = call f32 @llvm.convert.from.fp16(i16 %5)

Which seems a bit roundabout.

Which brings me back to my original question: Would it make sense to provide an implementation of fast_length and fast_normalize even though there are no implementations (but only prototypes) for half_sqrt and half_rsqrt? 


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