[Libclc-dev] How to use libclc ?

(Bai-Cheng Jeng)鄭百成 jeng1220 at sslab.cs.nthu.edu.tw
Wed Jan 22 06:54:48 PST 2014

Hello, I am a student, studying PTX and OpenCL recently.
May I ask that how to use libclc ?
I run the script "compile-test.sh", but it will fault.

*Used Command:*
   cd libclc
   ./compile-test.sh ./test/add_sat.cl

*Error Message:*
   fatal error: cannot open file 'nvptx--nvidiacl/lib/builtins.bc': No such
file or directory
   clang: error: unable to execute command: Segmentation fault

*Environment Message:*
   OS: centOS 6.4 and Ubuntu 12.4
   LLVM version: 3.4
   libclc version: d9a654573ace0405ca1c7ef8d3dc2bdd43d8052f
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