[Libclc-dev] Add additional targets to configure.py

Jeroen Ketema j.ketema at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Feb 12 08:32:37 PST 2014

>> Please find attached a patch which add two additional nvptx targets to configure.py. Could this patch please be committed by someone with commit access if this looks ok?
> Do these targets require clang 3.5 ?

No they don’t, basically because we work at the bitcode level and do not care about the actual target machine and neither for that reason does clang care for the third part of the target triple. You can stick in any arbitrary string instead of bugle and things will still work, I believe.

Do you see a better solution instead of two new targets with bugle in their name? The main objective is to get a version of libclc targeted towards nvptx but without the nvidiacl specific overrides (without having to patch libclc manually every time :-)



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