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Sun Apr 27 11:26:59 PDT 2014

gentype fmod (gentype x, gentype y) =3D> Modulus. Returns x =E2=80=93 y * t=
runc (x/y).

gentype remainder (gentype x, gentype y) =3D> Compute the value r such
that r =3D x - n*y, where n
is the integer nearest the exact value of x/y. If there
are two integers closest to x/y, n shall be the even
one. If r is zero, it is given the same sign as x.

Do you happen to know which behavior the frem instruction gives us?
Truncate or Round half to nearest even?  I'm guessing that one of
these will be able to use the frem instruction, and the other won't,
but I haven't checked which is which yet.


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