[Libclc-dev] What mean "cl_clang_storage_class_specifiers" error?

Tom Stellard thomas.stellard at amd.com
Fri Jun 8 06:05:55 PDT 2012

On Fri, Jun 08, 2012 at 01:06:20PM +0700, Chatsiri Ratana wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm compile example file extension name .cl with Clang in order to check
> the Libclc can using with the Clang, but represent error as below.  That
> comand line copy from file name compile-test.sh in openclc project and add
> file cos.cl for compiling in suffix of command line.
> [chatsiri at maeka libclc]$ clang -ccc-host-triple nvptx--nvidiacl
> -Iptx-nvidiacl/include -Igeneric/include -Xclang -mlink-bitcode-file
> -Xclang nvptx--nvidiacl/lib/builtins.bc -include clc/clc.h test/cos.cl
> In file included from <built-in>:127:
> In file included from <command line>:1:
> generic/include/clc/clc.h:2:2: error: Implementation requires
> cl_clang_storage_class_specifiers extension!
> #error Implementation requires cl_clang_storage_class_specifiers extension!
>  ^
> 1 error generated.

You need to to define cl_clang_storage_class_specifiers when compiling
your code.  Try adding -Dcl_clang_storage_class_specifiers to your
compile flags.


> Best Regards,
> Chatsiri Rattana

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