[libc-dev] Possibility of llvm-libc use in Chrome?

Ebrahim Byagowi via libc-dev libc-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Feb 1 03:35:53 PST 2021

Three years ago when Chrome switched <https://crbug.com/801780> to llvm's
STL even on Windows, the switch resulted in many advantages such as better
crash reports as better call stack I think, being able to use new STL
features consistently, enabling more of runtime sanitizers, etc.

When llvm libc project was announced I left this comment
<https://twitter.com/ebraminio/status/1143628963106787328> in Twitter which
ofc a full self contained libc won't be a possibility without having things
as WASI but that's a different matter, yet, having access to more of libc
perhaps can be useful to embed system of different kind.

Considering those, is llvm-libc use for Chrome on all its targets something
expected to happen? I know the project is expected to be something stable
in two years just that maybe my question helps on better planning for the

And as a side question, do you think a renterant qsort, qsort_r, is a
possibility on llvm's libc? At least that can be used in BoringSSL
and llvm's STL
Maybe if there was a __builtin_qsort and __builtin_qsort_r with the
capability those projects could benefit from it even sooner. Ofc that alone
maybe isn't a good reason to make a popular library tied to a specific
compiler but maybe as tiny motivation.
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