[libc-commits] [PATCH] D122346: [libc] Improve the performance of exp2f.

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Reduce the range-reduction table size from 128 entries down to 64 entries, and reduce the polynomial's degree from 7 down to 4.

Currently we use a degree-7 minimax polynomial on an interval of length 2^-7 around 0 to compute exp2f.
Based on the suggestion of @santoshn and the RLIBM project (https://github.com/rutgers-api/rlibm-all/blob/main/source/float/exp2.c), it is possible to have a good polynomial of degree-4 on a subinterval of length 2^(-6) to approximate 2^x.
We did try to either reduce the degree of the polynomial down to 3 or increase the interval size to 2^(-5), but in both cases, the number of exceptional values exploded.
So we settle with using a degree-4 polynomial of the interval of size 2^(-6) around 0.

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