[libc-commits] [PATCH] D123154: [libc] Implement sinf function that is correctly rounded to all rounding modes.

Santosh Nagarakatte via Phabricator via libc-commits libc-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jul 21 07:06:16 PDT 2022

santoshn added inline comments.

Comment at: libc/src/math/generic/range_reduction.h:33-40
+static constexpr double ONE_OVER_PI_28[N_ENTRIES] = {
+    0x1.45f306ep-2,   -0x1.b1bbeaep-33,  0x1.3f84ebp-62,    -0x1.7056592p-92,
+    0x1.c0db62ap-121, -0x1.4cd8778p-150, -0x1.bef806cp-179, 0x1.63abdecp-209};
+// Exponents of the least significant bits of the corresponding entries in
+// ONE_OVER_PI_28.
+static constexpr int ONE_OVER_PI_28_LSB_EXP[N_ENTRIES] = {
lntue wrote:
> santoshn wrote:
> > I was reviewing this code. I am not able to understand how ONE_OVER_PI_28_LSB_EXP[2] == -86.  The third entry in ONE_OVER_PI_28 (i.e., 0x1.3f84ebp-62)  has an exponent of -62 and there are 27 fraction bits. So the exponent of the LSB should be -89.
> > 
> >  Similarly  ONE_OVER_PI_28_LSB_EXP[5] is -167?
> > 
> > Similarly ONE_OVER_PI_28_LSB_EXP[6] is -206?
> > 
> > Similarly ONE_OVER_PI_28_LSB_EXP[7] is -236?
> I think for `ONE_OVER_PI_28_LSB_EXP[2]` I over-counted a bit.  The exact value `0x1.3f84eb p-62` actually has the last 1 bit at 24th bit after the decimal point (bits 25-27 are all 0's), so the correct value of `ONE_VER_PI_28_LSB_EXP[2]` should be `-62 - 24 = -66`.  Similarly for other values.

Thanks for the clarification. 

The last hex digit in ONE_OVER_PI_28_LSP[2]  is "b", which is 1011. We are using 28-bits of precision for each entry of OVER_OVER_PI_28
I get -62-27 = -89. 

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