[libc-commits] [PATCH] D117590: [libc] Implement correct rounding with all rounding modes for hypot functions.

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Tue Jan 25 06:28:59 PST 2022

lntue added a comment.

In D117590#3269109 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D117590#3269109>, @qiucf wrote:

>> this might be a compiler bug, since -frounding-math should be supported whatever the optimization level (-O2 or -O3). You might want to investigate further and report the bug if any.
> Hi, what's the target in the context? Or can you show the partial IR after `-frounding-math`? Currently only X86/SystemZ/PowerPC in LLVM has rather complete support for rounding-mode-aware float operations.

This is the error messages that we got on aarch64-ubuntu: Buildbot log <https://lab.llvm.org/buildbot/#/builders/138/builds/16983/steps/4/logs/stdio>

> [1/3] Building CXX object projects/libc/src/math/generic/CMakeFiles/libc.src.math.generic.hypotf.dir/hypotf.cpp.o
> clang-9: warning: optimization flag '-frounding-math' is not supported [-Wignored-optimization-argument]
> [2/3] Building CXX object projects/libc/src/math/generic/CMakeFiles/libc.src.math.generic.hypot.dir/hypot.cpp.o
> clang-9: warning: optimization flag '-frounding-math' is not supported [-Wignored-optimization-argument]

It looks like our buildbot for aarch64 uses clang-9 and -frounding-math is not supported there?

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