[libc-commits] [PATCH] D123645: [libc][docs] Add doc for libc string functions

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Thu Apr 14 04:46:56 PDT 2022

gchatelet added inline comments.

Comment at: libc/docs/strings.rst:44
+=============  ========  ===========
+Function_Name  Designed  Implemented
+=============  ========  ===========
sivachandra wrote:
> michaelrj wrote:
> > gchatelet wrote:
> > > In this document, the `Designed` and `Implemented` columns are always equal. Maybe there is more value in telling which architectures are actually implemented ?
> > > 
> > Most of these string functions are completely platform independent, since they work on individual bytes at a time, so giving all of them architecture specific statuses feels redundant. On the other hand, the memory functions and the conversion functions do have possible platform differences, so tracking them could be helpful. I think the biggest problem is that all of these functions already have versions for all of our supported platforms, so no matter how we slice it the table will just say "Done" everywhere, except for the functions that we haven't started.
> Perhaps a more useful way to present this is to just say whether an implementation is available or not. So, just one column `Available` under which you say `YES` if available, nothing if not. You can potentially add a `Notes` column in future to add additional notes if required. For a reader not involved in the development, that something has been designed or not does not help much. A person interested in contributing can engage on discourse et al to gather more information.
Yep in that case a single column is enough.

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