[libc-commits] [PATCH] D115408: [libc] Implement correctly rounded logf based on RLIBM library.

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lntue added a comment.

In D115408#3188352 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D115408#3188352>, @zimmermann6 wrote:

> maybe I did something wrong, but with the latest version I get two failures for x=0x1.2f1fd6p+3 and x=0x1.bacb4ap+25.
> If I disable the test for exceptional values I get five failures, those two and x=0x1.01a33ep+0, x=0x1.b121a6p+76 and 0x1.6351d8p+95.
> With the following minimax polynomial found using Sollya I get only four failures (the value x=0x1.01a33ep+0 is CR):
> 0.19620128080245119450708557451434899121522903442383 * x^5 + -0.24996749678377125358785804110084427520632743835449 * x^4 + 0.33333320666203714033315463893814012408256530761719 * x^3 + -0.49999999978385922805301788685028441250324249267578 * x^2 + 0.9999999999998795408018281705153640359640121459961 * x

Something is not right, since all of the failures that you found were already in the list of exceptional values:
(hexfloat, decimal, hex bits in float)
(0x0x1.01a33ep+0, 1.00639712810516357421875, **0x3f80d19f**)
(0x1.2f1fd6p+3, 9.47263622283935546875,  **0x41178feb**)
(0x1.bacb4ap+25, 58037908.0, **0x4c5d65a5**)
(0x1.b121a6p+76, 127837836949849943048192.0, **0x65d890d3**)
(0x1.6351d8p+95, 54983060754563292101907316736.0, **0x6f31a8ec**)

Nonetheless, after clearing the build cache and re-run the tests, I found 2 exceptional cases' results were off due to double-conversion when I tried to print their hexadecimal floats (inadvertently using intermediate doubles).
You might try clear the build cache and rerun the tests again.

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