[libc-commits] [PATCH] D100646: [libc] Add a set of elementary operations

Guillaume Chatelet via Phabricator via libc-commits libc-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri Apr 16 07:13:06 PDT 2021

gchatelet added inline comments.

Comment at: libc/src/string/memory_utils/elements.h:154-166
+inline int Scalar<uint32_t>::ScalarThreeWayCompare(uint32_t a, uint32_t b) {
+  const int64_t la = Endian::ToBigEndian(a);
+  const int64_t lb = Endian::ToBigEndian(b);
+  const int64_t diff = la - lb;
+  return diff ? (diff < 0 ? -1 : 1) : 0;
+template <>
@avieira the generated code is not that bad but maybe you can come up with a better idea?

The challenge here is to keep the semantic of the [3-way comparison](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-way_comparison) that fits in an `int` while working on types which diff is larger than `int`.

Generated code:
intel : https://godbolt.org/z/Khxv6b3r9
arm : https://godbolt.org/z/YTah338hY

Comment at: libc/src/string/memory_utils/elements.h:189-205
+  static int ThreeWayCompare(const char *a, const char *b) {
+    const auto mask = Base::NotEqualMask(Base::Load(a), Base::Load(b));
+    if (!mask)
+      return 0;
+    return CharDiff(a, b, mask);
+  }
@avieira for the vector version of the three way compare we compute the byte-wise not equal mask, convert this mask to GPR and look at the number of trailing zeros (X86 is LittleEndian), this number is the index of the mismatching byte.

After trying to work on the vector directly to extract this byte I figured out it's easier to just reload it, it should be fast and probably faster than a bunch of vector operations.

i suspect the same approach will work for ARM as well, WDYT?

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