[libc-commits] [PATCH] D76267: [libc] Resolve race condition in sub-process test runner.

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Mon Mar 16 22:00:35 PDT 2020

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There seems to be a race condition between the pipe closing and the child process death. Likely these two events are not atomic on some versions of linux.

With the removal of `WNOHANG` we eliminate the race condition, however if the child closes the pipe intentionally then it could result in the test runner hanging. I find this situation less likely, where as I experience failures locally with this race condition rather consistently.

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Index: libc/utils/testutils/ExecuteFunctionUnix.cpp
--- libc/utils/testutils/ExecuteFunctionUnix.cpp
+++ libc/utils/testutils/ExecuteFunctionUnix.cpp
@@ -67,8 +67,10 @@
   int WStatus = 0;
-  int status = ::waitpid(Pid, &WStatus, WNOHANG);
-  assert(status == Pid && "wait call should not block here");
+  pid_t status = ::waitpid(Pid, &WStatus, 0);
+  if (status == -1)
+    return ProcessStatus::Error("waitpid(2) failed");
+  assert(status == Pid);
   return {WStatus};

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