[flang-dev] [llvm-dev] IMPORTANT: LLVM Bugzilla migration

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Sun Nov 21 03:38:21 PST 2021

While I find important information here about migrating
away from Bugzilla in this thread, I kind of lack information
about what we are migrating to.

I've understood that we are migrating from Bugzilla to some
GitHub supported issue handling, but I have zero experience
with issue handling in GitHub.

Here are some of the questions that popped up:

- Where will I find the new tool for PRs?

- Can I find and look at the result of the dry import already
  today to familiarize and learn about it?

- And are there any guidelines specific for the LLVM project
  related to how to deal with PRs in GitHub?

- Will it be possible to setup emails notification similar
  to Bugzilla (e.g. make sure I'm automatically CC:ed on all
  issues that my co-workers are involved in)?


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> Subject: [llvm-dev] IMPORTANT: LLVM Bugzilla migration
> Dear Fellow LLVM'ers,
> I'm happy to announce that we were able to find workarounds for the
> vast majority of GitHub limitations and our dry import went
> successfully.
> Therefore, the following migration roadmap is proposed:
> 1. We will put Bugzilla in read-only mode on Wednesday, November 24
> 23:59 Pacific Time. This will be the last chance to submit the
> bugzilla username => github username mapping.
> 2. We will download the data from Bugzilla and prepare the final
> "migration dump" on Thursday, November 25.
> 3. We will perform the actual migration on November 26 - November 27
> and verify the results
> 4. If everything will go smoothly, we will open the LLVM GitHub repo
> for issues no later than on Monday, November 29. Bugzilla will remain
> in read-only mode after the migration.
> Please DO NOT submit any issues to LLVM github repo during the
> migration as it might interfere with the migration process.
> Please let me know if there are any objections to this schedule.
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> With best regards, Anton Korobeynikov
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