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On Sat, Dec 4, 2021 at 5:46 AM Anton Korobeynikov via cfe-dev <
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> [...]
> * Surely*, if the community will re-decide that these are unimportant
> things
> *we can push the existing code into a blank archive fairly quickly*.

Please, test the above claim this week, *on a blank repo*.  Let's actually
find out whether it works, instead of relying on "Surely...".

At this point I'm offering my own technical assistance, just to get the
thing done and stop getting these emails every day. Send me your Bugzilla
export script; I'll test it out this week on a blank repo, with the goal of
mirroring a 100-bug subset of the LLVM Bugzilla publicly visible in
https://github.com/Quuxplusone/LLVMBugzillaTest/ by EOW.

(Credentials: I was SRE at Mixpanel for ~3 years and performed several
100GB cluster migrations with zero downtime. I *have* seen the "We'll do it
live!" attitude be successful, but I have also seen it fail spectacularly.
The alternative "plan it carefully, write down your deploy plan, test what
can be tested ahead of time, do a practice run, *then* do it live" approach
usually works better. At this point it looks like Anton's initial pass at
"We'll do it live!" clearly was *not* successful, in the sense that if it
*were* successful the repo would have been migrated circa Thanksgiving
weekend. So this is the giant-honking-red-flashing-light alert that it's
time to shift from "We'll do it live!" to "Let's make a deploy plan.")

Respectfully, yet frustrated with the never-ending email thread,
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