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> Mehdi wrote:
> > Maybe if you can share this on a public repo, others here can help to do
> small test runs in private forks and cross-validate or help fix issues with
> it?
> I certainly could do this, but I doubt this will be useful as the
> input will be a local bugzilla dump..

IMHO it would be a really good idea to do this!
If the "bugzilla dump" is in some reasonably sane format such as JSON, then
people could even hand-craft sample input scenarios to try out the import
script on.
There are basically two devops operations here:
- Export a Bugzilla instance into (e.g. JSON)
- Load (e.g. JSON) into a GitHub instance
The ultimate migration will do the first step and then the second, (A) on
the official LLVM Bugzilla and the official LLVM GitHub, (B) during a
single atomic period where both are protected against tampering by random
But before then, it would certainly be easy to test the second step on
people's own personal GitHub instances. And I would have expected
Thanksgiving weekend's aborted migration to have completed the first step
and produced an (e.g. JSON) data file as a side effect, so people would
even have some sample data to try out. (Of course they'd want to use only a
*subset* of it, because the *whole* (e.g. JSON) data file is probably on
the order of (50,000 bugs x let's say 100KB per bug) ~= 5GB of data.)

IIUC, none of the data being exported from Bugzilla is "private" in any
sense, so there's no particular concern with publishing the (e.g. JSON)

It occurs to me that it would also be a really really good idea to have a
script that can *compare* a Bugzilla against a GitHub and verify that they
contain the same data, so that we can know whether the migration succeeded.
That script can also be published and tested ahead of time.

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