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> Dear All,
> Some of you who are checking the migration notes
> (https://bit.ly/3HVjr7a) might already have noticed that we're stuck
> again. Let me provide more information about what is going on now and
> what the plans are.
> As a reminder, previously we imported all issues in the archive repo
> and essentially the very last step remained: migration to the live
> llvm-project repo. This step is crucial and one-way, once started we
> cannot undo the steps we'd made. We also have to rely on GitHub here
> as we cannot do it via rate-limited API calls
> During the final checks two issues were revealed:
>   - Notifications are still sent in some cases
>   - Migration sets the last modification date of the closed issues (it
> looks like it was implemented like "re-open issue, transfer and close
> again"). As a result, all closed issues essentially got sorted
> chronologically before the real open ones.
> These issues were fixed at GitHub side and we proceeded with
> re-checking everything. It turned out that another issue appeared: the
> labels were silently lost and the migrated issues were completely
> labelless, despite being annotated by 140+ labels we had originally.
> For now this is a show-stopper issue. The issue was reported and
> acknowledged by GitHub, however, not ETA was provided.
> Our current options are:
>   1. Abandon the migration
>   2. Wait until the issue is resolved on GitHub side
>   3. Try to find alternative solutions to workaround GitHub issue
> 2. is essentially not an option. I am proposing to abandon the
> migration and unlock the bugzilla if the solution will not be found by
> the end of this week.

Seems reasonable to me!

> The only alternative I'm seeing is to apply the labels post-migration.
> There are important downsides:
>   - This has to be done via GitHub API and we're rate limited to ~5000
> requests per hour, so this means that the labelling will take ~20
> hours. I was told that there is no way for us to have the API rate
> limit increased.
>   - This might trigger notifications. My quick check via web ui does
> not, but I cannot be 100% with anything here
>   - (the most important) This will screw the "last modified" timestamp
> as label setting is an event that is recorded in the issue. There is
> no way to set some "old" timestamp, it is assigned by GitHub
> automatically.
>  For now I'm testing the script for 3. and waiting for any news from
> GitHub.

Thanks for the work :)
I hope you can get your script working!
Maybe if you can share this on a public repo, others here can help to do
small test runs in private forks and cross-validate or help fix issues with


> I will keep you updated.
> --
> With best regards, Anton Korobeynikov
> On behalf of LLVM Foundation
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