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> >- This has to be done via GitHub API and we're rate limited to ~5000
> requests per hour, so this means that the labelling will take ~20
> hours. I was told that there is no way for us to have the API rate
> limit increased.
> This 5000 request per hour limit, is that per repo or per access token?
> Could we potentially make a pool access token from multiple github accounts
> to sidestep the issue? Say 20 tokens to do the migration in 1 hour?

FWIW, "20 hours" or "11 hours" or "three days" is like nothing, compared to
what the migration has already been doing. If it only requires taking
Bugzilla down for 24 hours to do it, IMO you should just do it already —
whatever "it" is.

Also, re timestamps: The choices seem to be
- Wait for GitHub to offer us some way of importing timestamps, *then* do
the migration; or
- Do the migration, *then* wait for GitHub to offer us some way of
retroactively changing some of the timestamps.
Neither is perfect, but the latter is clearly better for LLVM's purposes.

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