[flang-dev] Status of Bugzilla Migration

Anton Korobeynikov via flang-dev flang-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Dec 1 23:36:16 PST 2021

Dear All,

Some of you who are checking the migration notes
(https://bit.ly/3HVjr7a) might already have noticed that we're stuck
again. Let me provide more information about what is going on now and
what the plans are.

As a reminder, previously we imported all issues in the archive repo
and essentially the very last step remained: migration to the live
llvm-project repo. This step is crucial and one-way, once started we
cannot undo the steps we'd made. We also have to rely on GitHub here
as we cannot do it via rate-limited API calls

During the final checks two issues were revealed:
  - Notifications are still sent in some cases
  - Migration sets the last modification date of the closed issues (it
looks like it was implemented like "re-open issue, transfer and close
again"). As a result, all closed issues essentially got sorted
chronologically before the real open ones.

These issues were fixed at GitHub side and we proceeded with
re-checking everything. It turned out that another issue appeared: the
labels were silently lost and the migrated issues were completely
labelless, despite being annotated by 140+ labels we had originally.
For now this is a show-stopper issue. The issue was reported and
acknowledged by GitHub, however, not ETA was provided.

Our current options are:
  1. Abandon the migration
  2. Wait until the issue is resolved on GitHub side
  3. Try to find alternative solutions to workaround GitHub issue

2. is essentially not an option. I am proposing to abandon the
migration and unlock the bugzilla if the solution will not be found by
the end of this week.

The only alternative I'm seeing is to apply the labels post-migration.
There are important downsides:
  - This has to be done via GitHub API and we're rate limited to ~5000
requests per hour, so this means that the labelling will take ~20
hours. I was told that there is no way for us to have the API rate
limit increased.
  - This might trigger notifications. My quick check via web ui does
not, but I cannot be 100% with anything here
  - (the most important) This will screw the "last modified" timestamp
as label setting is an event that is recorded in the issue. There is
no way to set some "old" timestamp, it is assigned by GitHub

 For now I'm testing the script for 3. and waiting for any news from GitHub.

I will keep you updated.

With best regards, Anton Korobeynikov
On behalf of LLVM Foundation

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