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Flang team,

Here are the notes from the April 28, 2021 Flang Community biweekly call.

We will be switching over to using a Google Doc for keeping record of the notes for future meetings, available here<https://docs.google.com/document/d/10T-S2J3GrahpG4Ooif93NSTz2zBW0MQc_RlwHi0-afY/edit?usp=sharing>.  If you have trouble accessing the document, please email me (aperry at lanl.gov<mailto:aperry at lanl.gov>) and I will add your email to the access list.

Also, let me know if you have any topics you would like to see covered in the next call.

Upcoming calls (all times Pacific time unless otherwise specified):


LLVM Flang Technical Community call

Monday, May 3, at 8:30 AM

LLVM Alias Analysis call

Tuesday, May 18, at 10:00 AM

Classic Flang biweekly call

Wednesday, May 5, at 8:00 AM

Weekly OpenMP developer call

Thursday, April 29, at 8:00 AM

Flang biweekly call (this call)

Wednesday, May 12, at 8:30 AM

New Driver Technical biweekly call

Monday, May 10, at 4:30 PM UK time

LLVM OpenACC upstreaming call

Wednesday, May 5, at Noon

Information for joining these calls and the Flang Slack workspace can be found at http://flang.llvm.org/docs/GettingInvolved.html.

Thank you,
-- Alexis


  *   ECP Community BOF days and Annual Meeting recap
  *   LLVM Flang Technical Call agenda
     *   MLIR/OpenMP things perhaps?
     *   Driver work
  *   LLVM Flang development updates
     *   Fir-dev merge status
        *   Paused, awaiting re-strategizing
     *   New Driver work
        *   RFC on the mailing list - is flang-new ready to replace f18?

           *   https://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/flang-dev/2021-April/000677.html
        *   Do we still require the `flang` bash script?
           *   https://reviews.llvm.org/D101459
        *   Proposed to remove `%f18` from LIT configuration files
           *   https://reviews.llvm.org/D101281

o    OpenMP/OpenACC work

§  OpenACC: Translation (MLIR-LLVM IR) for enter data patch will be posted today.

§  OpenMPIRBuilder: scheduling variants of worksharing loops, sections construct, atomic.

§  OpenMP dialect: RFC for reductions. RFC for target construct.

§  Semantic checks: Nesting of constructs.

§  Fir-dev: Fixes for sequential loops in OpenMP regions.

o    F95 support

§  Intrinsics continue to be added, help with lowering is appreciated

o    Quick Fortran in LLVM test suite status

o    Windows buildbot in the works

§  http://meinersbur.de:8011/#/builders/146

  *   Classic Flang development update
     *   Adding a CI for AArch64.
     *   Adding some technical documentation. Contributions welcome.


  *   Flang on GitHub
     *   LLVM Flang is in https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project/tree/main/flang.
     *   There have been 3,177 commits for LLVM Flang encompassing over 195,000 lines of code, documentation, CMakefiles and tests.
     *   There have been 1,784 total commits to Classic Flang in https://github.com/flang-compiler/flang.
  *   LLVM Flang recent development
     *   OpenMP
        *   [OPENMP5.1]Initial support for novariants clause.
        *   [OPENMP51]Initial support for nocontext clause.
        *   Add functionality to check "close nesting" of regions, which can be used for Semantic checks
        *   [OpenMP51] Initial support for masked directive and filter clause
        *   Modify semantic check for nesting of `ordered` regions to include `close` nesting check.
        *   Remove `OmpEndLoopDirective` handles from code.
        *   Add General Semantic Checks for Allocate Directive
     *   New Driver
        *   Add options for -Werror
        *   Modify the existing test cases that use -Mstandard in f18, to use -pedantic and %flang_fc1 to share with the new driver
        *   Add support for `-cpp/-nocpp`
        *   Fix `-fdebug-dump-provenance`
        *   Add debug options not requiring semantic checks
        *   Remove `%flang-new` from the LIT configuration
        *   Update the regression tests to use the new driver when enabled
        *   Add support for `-fget-definition`
     *   Move .f77 to the list of fixed-form file extensions
     *   Runtime
        *   Implement reductions
        *   Implement numeric intrinsic functions
        *   TRANSFER() intrinsic function
        *   Implement IPARITY, PARITY, and FINDLOC reductions
     *   Fix unit test failure on POWER
     *   Improve constant folding for type parameter inquiries
     *   Check for conflicting BIND(C) names
     *   Enforce a limit on recursive PDT instantiations
     *   Accept & fold IEEE_SELECTED_REAL_KIND
     *   Define missing & needed IEEE_ARITHMETIC symbols
     *   Handle instantiation of procedure pointer components
     *   Fix checking of argument passing for parameterized derived types
     *   Fix spurious errors from runtime derived type table construction
     *   Check for attributes specific to dummy arguments
     *   Handle structure constructors with forward references to PDTs
  *   Classic Flang recent development
     *   patch flang runtime library (#980<https://github.com/flang-compiler/flang/pull/980>)<https://github.com/flang-compiler/flang/commit/b364e30940ec90f315a8193c604834afa81a92a6>
     *   Switch to new LLVM License
     *   Fix for ICE in taskloop
     *   runtime: ARM64 is a 64-bit architecture
     *   scutil: add win32 compatibility
     *   [DebugInfo] Test case update for #895<https://github.com/flang-compiler/flang/pull/895>
     *   add ARM HPC UG presentation of Nov 2016
     *   Do not call streamlined/dgemm-like matmul runtime routines for data layouts that could not be proven to be contiguous
     *   runtime: register atfork handler to re-initialize internal flangrti locks at fork
     *   Github Action use the prebuilt clang to build flang
     *   [flang1] Pass descriptor flags to RTE_template correctly
     *   [flang1] Set type length of string array pointer
     *   Fix for segfault in multiple entries OpenMP functions
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