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You probably won’t need to add much to resolve-names.cc, so a new BlockDataVisitor class seems unnecessary. I suggest starting by adding to ResolveNamesVisitor. If what you add turns out to be similar to what is in SubprogramVisitor then that may be a good place to move it.


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Subject: [Flang-dev] Block Data Technical questions

Hello you all,

I am in the process to implement Block Data.

I have a question related to the way I should implement Block Data in the resolve-name.cc.
I can see that ResolveNameVisitor class depends on ModuleVisitor, InterfaceVisitor and SubProgramVisitor.
So my question is should Block Data also have a class BlockDataVisitor  that is also called by ResolveName or should it be implemented as a part of SubprogramVisitor or any other class?
I am just asking because for Block Construct was decided that no new class should be created.

Thank you Carol,

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