[clangd-dev] Multi-project workflow via multiple CDBs

Nathan Ridge via clangd-dev clangd-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sat Mar 30 19:50:34 PDT 2019

> Hey Nate, just wondering how this would work in VS Code. I assume it already 
> would send this message. I'm not sure we can override it to send the additional 
> field. Would adding a separate request be more flexible?

Just wanted to follow up on this and say that after looking at VS Code's LSP client implementation a bit, it looks like they have a "middleware" feature that allows plugins to hook most (all?) LSP messages, including "workspace/workspaceFolders".

Meanwhile I'm also having an ongoing discussion about this in an LSP issue [1], and it was suggested there that the "workspace/configuration" server->client request, with the workspace folder as the "scope", would be a better fit here. (Note, "workspace/configuration" can also be hooked by plugins via the "middleware" mechanism to add to the response.)


[1] https://github.com/Microsoft/language-server-protocol/issues/703

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