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It seems that the flag CLANGD_BUILD_XPC is enforced to on for Mac, not sure
the motivation, but I think making it optional on Mac is reasonable.

Currently, you could work around it by removing the cmake configs

On Sat, Mar 23, 2019 at 12:11 AM Allen Cronce via cfe-dev <
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> Hi all,
> I’m new to this list, so apologies if this is the wrong place to post
> clang/CMake build issues.
> I'm trying to build the LLVM 8.0.0 final release on macOS High Sierra
> 10.13.6 using Xcode 9.4.1. But I'm seeing an error while creating the
> ClangdXPC Framework. It appears to be trying to copy the dylib from the
> wrong location (not where it was built):
> --snip--
> Creating ClangdXPC framework
> /Applications/CMake.app/Contents/bin/cmake -E copy
> llvm/llvmorg-8.0.0/src/LLVM-build/tools/clang/tools/extra/clangd/xpc/ClangdXPC.Info.plist
> llvm/llvmorg-8.0.0/src/LLVM-build/lib/ClangdXPC.framework/Versions/A/Resources/Info.plist
> /Applications/CMake.app/Contents/bin/cmake -E copy
> llvm/llvmorg-8.0.0/src/LLVM-build/lib/libClangdXPCLib.dylib
> llvm/llvmorg-8.0.0/src/LLVM-build/lib/ClangdXPC.framework/Versions/A/ClangdXPC
> Error copying file
> "llvm/llvmorg-8.0.0/src/LLVM-build/lib/libClangdXPCLib.dylib" to
> "llvm/llvmorg-8.0.0/src/LLVM-build/lib/ClangdXPC.framework/Versions/A/ClangdXPC".
> make[1]: *** [llvm/llvmorg-8.0.0/src/LLVM-build/lib/ClangdXPC.framework]
> Error 1
> Command /bin/sh failed with exit code 2
> --snip--
> But my actual build location is here:
> llvm/llvmorg-8.0.0/src/LLVM-build/Debug/lib/libClangdXPCLib.dylib
> Note the Debug config in the path. I’ve set up the generated project such
> that I can build both the Debug and Release into separate directories. That
> way both can coexist.
> I don't need XPC, so I tried disabling it by passing CLANGD_BUILD_XPC as
> off. But it looks like it gets forced to on at CMake config time when the
> platform is Darwin. We’re pulling in LLVM as an ExternalProject, so this
> results in a build error the first time we build our own project.
> Popping up a layer, I tried disabling the clang build tools via
> CLANG_BUILD_TOOLS (since there doesn't seem to be build granularity for
> disabling the clang extra tools), but that resulted in a different build
> error.
> At this point I had already spent too much time on work arounds, so I
> started digging into the actual issue. The problem is that
> CreateClangdXPCFramework.cmake seems to be using the wrong directory, both
> for where it’s creating the framework and where the built deliverables are
> located.
> I worked around the copy error by replacing the
> CreateClangdXPCFramework.cmake script's a priory knowledge of the built
> binary paths with a target file generator pattern:
> --snip--
>     # Copy the framework binary.
>        # PAC 2019-03-22: Work around build error on Mac
>        #"${CMAKE_LIBRARY_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY}/lib${target}.dylib"
>        "$<TARGET_FILE:ClangdXPCLib>"
> --snip--
>  - and -
> --snip--
>     # Copy the Clangd binary.
>       # PAC 2019-03-22: Work around build error on Mac
>       "$<TARGET_FILE:clangd>"
> --snip--
> But while this works around the build failure, I still think that the
> framework is being built in the wrong place. It’s here:
> llvm_org/build/lib/ClangdXPC.framework
> Instead of here:
> llvm_org/build/Debug/lib/ClangdXPC.framework
> I tried fixing that basic problem, but LLVM is a huge project and I’m new
> to CMake, so I wasn’t successful. But since we don’t use the
> ClangdXPC.framework anyway, it wasn’t critical for me to fix this the
> correct way.
> Maybe someone else can take this the rest of the way and fix it properly.
> Best,
> Allen Cronce
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