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> I haven't seen a clear description of who clangd users *are*.
Good question!
The target audience is all C++ developers using editors where external IDE
features make sense. (vim, emacs, vscode, sublime... not visual studio or

> The argument seems to be premised on "clangd users are active contributors
> to some other GitHub project and therefore want/expect a familiar
> experience for interacting with clangd providers."  Is that actually your
> target user base?
Replace "active contributors to" with "users of", and that's a pretty
reasonable estimate in the near-term.
(I do hope we eventually reach some users who have never ventured beyond
"apt-get install", but that's further out)

There are certainly large non-GitHub-based open-source projects out there
> in the world.  It's your prerogative to hand-wave them away, but you want
> to understand that you are in fact doing that.
> --paulr
The assumption is not that the user's primary work is done on Github, but
that they've interacted with some project that is hosted there.
I'm sure that's not everyone, but it's an awful lot of people.

Cheers, Sam
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