[clangd-dev] Bug tracking: bugzilla, github, ???

Sam McCall via clangd-dev clangd-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Oct 12 01:18:22 PDT 2018

Currently I don't think we do much bug tracking at all - there are a few
old issues in bugzilla.

If we announce clangd as suitable for general consumption, start shipping
with YCM etc for LLVM 8, we should have a reasonable channel to collect
feedback and bugs.

I'm not sure bugs.llvm.org is the right thing for an end-user tool:

   - bugzilla is an unfamiliar tool that's not part of developers' workflow
   - there's no way to post a bug as a new user without emailing a human to
   set up an account
   - you have to be familiar with llvm's project structure to file a bug

The most obvious alternative is github issues, as ~everyone has an account
and has used the bug tracker, and it's friendly to casual new users.

I *think* the easiest setup would be a separate "clangd" repo just for
issue tracking and maybe docs, rather than having to fish issues out of a
big llvm monorepo.

Anyone have thoughts here? Particularly: anyone want to argue that
bug/feature tracking is unimportant, or that the status quo is viable?

Cheers, Sam
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