[clangd-dev] Releasing/packaging clangd

Sylvestre Ledru via clangd-dev clangd-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Oct 3 09:00:30 PDT 2018


Le 27/09/2018 à 16:25, Simon Marchi a écrit :
> On 2018-09-21 10:25, Sylvestre Ledru via clangd-dev wrote:
>> I did it for you and uploaded it in Debian experimental already.
>> https://salsa.debian.org/pkg-llvm-team/llvm-defaults/commit/a3e61c84f6ccb55d41b4dec5461cc437d9cb4ba9
>> Should be also live on https://apt.llvm.org/ in the next few hours!
> Hi Sylvestre,
> Thanks for doing this, I was also wondering how to get that clangd link setup automatically.
> I am using the Ubuntu 16.04 package from apt.llvm.org and don't see the rules file in the clang-tools package being download, and don't get a clangd symlink.  Do you know if your change should automatically propagate to those packages, and if not, where should that be done?

Not sure what happens but you can see it here now:

and the symlink is now provided:
$ dpkg -c clang-tools_8.0-45+0~20181003144457.17~1.gbp3de5db_amd64.deb|grep clangd
lrwxrwxrwx root/root         0 2018-10-03 16:46 ./usr/bin/clangd -> ../lib/llvm-8/bin/clangd


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