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To, llvm/clang

     Firstly I'd like to preface this by saying a few things:

    1. I don't always know what is or isn't socially appropriate to say/ask/do, so please don't get mad at me if I say/ask/do something inappropriate just let me know and I'll try to do better.

    2. Sometimes I word things oddly so if a phrase sounds weird or doesn't make sense please let me know and I'll try to explain.

    3. I want to make it VERY clear that the above statement should in no way be misinterpreted to say that 'I think you're dumb' (because I don't.)

    4. I'm not sure this is the correct email to send this to if it isn't:

        a. I'm sorry

        b. Would you please give me the correct email address? Thanks


1) How do I compile c/c++ programs for Windows using llvm/clang without the use of Microsoft Visual Studio?  The main reason i wanted to use llvm/clang was/is because it is free/open source so being required to use Microsoft Visual Studio (which is Proprietary (I think) it also costs money) would defeat the purpose.

2) How do I cross-compile applications for Windows and/or MacOS?
My email is JacobK622 at protonmail.com feel free to email me at any time,

although I may not respond immediately. (usually within 24hrs.)

From, Jacob K

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