[cfe-users] libClang: BinaryOperator and UnaryOperator spelling.

Felipe Lotas via cfe-users cfe-users at lists.llvm.org
Tue Oct 15 10:46:37 PDT 2019

This message is a request to libClang developers. I'm not sure this is the right mailing list to ask.
I'm using libClang API (simple C), not libTooling (C++).
I'd like to get the cursor spelling of unary and binary operators correctly.Because clang_getCursorSpelling returns an empty string, I have implemented functions that get the source range of the operator (only the operator, not the operands), and get the token in the source range.The problem comes when the expresion involving the operators is inside a macro: the functions return the macro name.
Example:#define MACRO1(a,b,v,c) case a: v = b*c; break;static void function(int a){    int b;    switch(a)    {        MACRO1(1, 7, b, 6);        case 2: b = 3*4; break;    }}
Dear libClang developer, can you make that function clang_getCursorSpelling returns the spelling of operators?

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