[cfe-users] Where does clang merge two structTypes into one?

Fuqian Huang via cfe-users cfe-users at lists.llvm.org
Tue Mar 19 04:39:07 PDT 2019

I want to modified clang and add a attribute some struct fields, but
clang merge two structTypes with same element types into one.
%struct.a = type { i16, i16, i8*}
%struct.b = type { i16, i16, i8*}
these two struct types will be merged into one.
What i want is
%struct.a = type { i16, i16, i8*}
%struct.b = type { i16, i16, i8* __my_attribute__ }
I may add one attribute to some field of the struct b, and do not want
these two structs to be merged.
So, where does clang merge same structTypes.

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