[cfe-users] build errors with MinGW-W64 GCC-8.1.0 on Windows

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Sat Nov 24 07:44:02 PST 2018

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> Hi all,
> You know, as the compile errors all were in thread_win32.cpp I was 
> suspicious how the build would do with x86_64-win32-seh but that failed 
> because Mingw-w64 did not have the header file mutex.
> As I have the llvm libcxx library with this mutex header file (among other 
> stuff) would there be a way to have Mingw-w64 use this library during the 
> build of llvm and clang or wouldn't that work?
> Also is there any documentation for specifics in building llvm with 
> Mingw-w64?
> Regards, Maarten

Hi all,

I've not much experience with building C++ standard libraries like libcxx 
and libcxxabi. But:

As the build of llvm and clang fails on my Windows 7 with Mingw-w64 
toolchain. It fails in the standard C++ library part and not in pure C++ 
code. So I was thinking to first build the provided LLVM libcxx (and 
libcxxabi) libraries into my Mingw-w64 toolchain. Replacing the standard C++ 
library of Mingw-w64. And then go for a build of LLVM with clang itself.

Could that work?

If so believe so, could someone provide advise how to get this done? like: 
flags to cmake, folder structure and correct PATH settings.

Best regards,
Maarten Verhage 

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