[cfe-users] Is there a wiki?

Levo DeLellis via cfe-users cfe-users at lists.llvm.org
Wed May 9 01:53:03 PDT 2018

Is there a wiki or some place users can add/modify information to help

For example, I'm looking at how I should figure out if a class inherit
another class. This page gives me hints
https://llvm.org/docs/HowToSetUpLLVMStyleRTTI.html however I'm not sure if
I need RTTI, if I will use vtables or not and if the Kind table/enum can be
per file or if that will cause problems when using indirect functions (ie I
use classof on base and it doesn't know about my class because it's in a
static library). If I should have a global list how I might deal with
static libraries.

I'm sure I'll find a simple enough solution but a wiki is more organized
than messages in a mailing list. If a wiki does exist how do I find it
because I don't really see it when typing llvm wiki cfe/frontend
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