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Dear Clang users:
      I have a class named  classA  in a.h and a.cpp file. it have some methods, I want to add a new method definition to a.h and add new method body after last method use clang . How to do it ?
      I know the  RecursiveASTVisitor::VisitCXXRecordDecl(...) can visit CXXRecordDecl and CXXMethodDecl , Rewriter  be used to write code . but how to create new method definition and body to a.h and a.cpp?

//a.h file
classA {
     int filed;
     void method1();
     void method2();
                                    //insert a new method

//a.cpp file

void classA::method1()

void classA::method2()

                               // inset new method body

Yours truly


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