[cfe-users] finding in which function/method/scope a Decl is in, the parent so to say

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It sounds like you want the DeclContext.  Use the function
Decl::getDeclContext() to get a DeclContext pointer.  See
http://clang.llvm.org/doxygen/classclang_1_1DeclContext.html for details
about DeclContext.  DeclContext::isTranslationUnit() for globals and
DeclContext::isFunctionOrMethod() for function/method scope.  DeclContext
can also be cast to other Decl types, so for example you could use
dyn_cast<FunctionDecl> to get the function scope.

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> Hi,
> How can I find the parent of a VarDecl? The scope it is in. E.g.
> function/method or a global.
> Folkert van Heusden
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